Henk Poeder

I am born in 1964
"As a child, Henk was already working to paint as his grandfather, Henk was dreaming about making beautiful paintings." Said Henk's Mother

When I was 12 years old I bought my first painting and started painting, watercolor. I have learned art painting from my father and he taught me the principles. But he thought it was important that I developed my own style. After a few years I wanted to advance, I went ahead with oil painting. When I was sixteen I sold every now and then a painting to buy materials.

By now, I am 57, and earn me bread through art painting In my prior years I started with landscapes, just like my grandfather did [Hendrik Poeder 1897-1958]. The last years I have focused my self on still life and animals, But still like to paint landscapes.

My still lifes are often seen as fine work of art, but the impressionism is also something I like to do, the light and the atmosphere is very important to me. The animals like birds, bunnies, foxes or a small sweet little mouse is what you often can find at my panels Sometimes I find a still life more fun if there is a little mouse or butterfly on it, that makes it just a little merrier. But anyway, take a look at my paintings and enjoy my work you can also follow me on instagram. Who knows you might find something that suits you.
Henk poeder
Come and have a look at my workplace, Klaphekweg 11, Ede (Netherlands), Tel: (+31) 318-631647
Still lifes, Sea-& landscapes, Birds and other animals.